Wedding Décor Experts by Gladys Beri!

Do you want your guests to talk about how gorgeous your decorations are?
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11 Years of Wedding and Party Décor Experience!

When you’re planning a wedding, graduation, special anniversary, or high end family celebrations, if you want your guests to talk about how gorgeous your decorations are, you need a team of experts with attention to details, craftsmanship and mastery of luxury wedding designs. 

Wedding Decor Experts by Gladys Beri

We specialize in:


Themed Wedding Décor


Luxurious Engagement Events


Lavish Birthday Parties


High-End Family Celebrations

Make Your Guests Experience Excellence Beyond Perfection!

My team and I are very focused on attention to detail. We make sure that every element, from the freshness of the flowers in the vases to the arrangements of the silverware on the table and the entrance for the guests to the grandeur and elegance of the stage, is positioned to perfection. Therefore, when your guests arrive, they have no other option but to be amazed by the grace of your event.

Let’s make your wedding/Engagement celebrations look flawless and feel luxurious in every way!

Celebrate Your Engagement/Wedding, Leave Everything Else To Us!

You have waited a long time for your event. Now, when it is here, you want to sit back and feel the delights it brings to you and your family. So, greet your guests, spend time with your family, share the joys and excitement and leave everything else to us.

We have a list of 100+ items in our checklist that we manage for you. We believe that the beauty and the gracefulness you want at your wedding, engagement, or any other event are in the details. After all, you want to make an impression that lasts forever.

Hi, My name is Gladys Beri. I design gorgeous weddings and high-end family celebrations.

Do you want your guests to talk about your gorgeous decorations?

Do you want your decorations to be on point?